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When it comes to adventure sports photography in Ireland, you can expect Action Photography are behind the camera as you cross the finish line.

After a lifetime of experience capturing breathtaking moments, we continue to be driven forward by our passion for adventure, our love of the great outdoors, and our obsession with great action photography.

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Adventure racing isn’t a walk in the park, so when you’ve sweated blood to cross the finish line you want the evidence to prove it. That’s why you’ll see Action Photography at the top of that mountain, knee deep in lakes and rivers, and hanging out the back of a moving vehicle while you get on with winning the race.

If you competed in an event we photographed, you can order your photos on this site. Start by finding your event:

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Browse the best of the Action Photography portfolio. From adventure races, hill running, surfing, marathons and triathlons, to portraits, wildlife and architectural shots, we cover it all (almost!).

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Beyond Adventure Photography

Action Photography has a broad range of photographic skills and experience which we bring to every project. Many years of photographing outdoor sport photography has given us an eye for the unexpected and the ability to react quickly to changing situations. This allows us to extract the best from the varied moods of the Irish weather.

We also apply our skills beyond adventure photography; to portraits, architectural shots, and legal photography, to name a few.

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The Face Behind The Lens

John Shiels has been taking photos for as long as he can remember but marks his official entry into photography when he received his first camera, an Agfamatic, for this sixth birthday.

From those humble beginnings to the digital revolution, John has carried a camera and documented his life, and those around him for over thirty five years.

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We’re there with you at the finish line.