The face behind the lens

John Shiels has been taking photos as long as he can remember but marks his official entry into photography when he received this first camera, an AfgaMatic, for this sixth birthday.

From those humble beginnings to the digital revolution John has carried a camera and documented his life and those around him for the last fifty years. This has led to him dangling from abseil ropes, to dodging hill runners and mountain bikers in the Irish mountains, to sitting on surf boards in midwinter in the freezing Atlantic ocean.


The face behind the second lens – Mags-R


Mags has been taking photos for an extraordinarily short time and marked her official entry into photography when she was handed a Canon …….. camera by John Shiels in a car park in Glendalough.

From this “in at the Deep End”, Mags has taken to carrying a camera and documenting her life and dietary delights. She has discovered the joys of walking really slowly up mountains, (OK, hills), and sitting on the ground really bored waiting for a runner to come by. Mags has a special aptitude for cycling photography.