The Run-a-Muck Sept. 2017

Ieland’s Original and most popular off-road Fun and Run Challenge for joggers and runners of all abilities. Now at its new home in the Coolcarrigan Estate – 1 lap (~5.5k) and 2 lap (~11k) options. Click here for the course Map showing the obstacle locations.

There are 27 galleries with around 250 images in each one. They are organised by time and Obstacle location. Galleries 1 to 18 are from Camera one who walked/ran the course with the runners. Galleries 19 to 27 are from camera two who was mainly down at the lake.

We did try to get a shot of every one but with 3,000 people we may have missed a few. Given the amount of muck it isn’t possible to tag people with running numbers, Sorry!