IMRA Trooperstown Winter race, Feb. 2013

Updated on Feb. 17th, 2013

17th Feb. 2013 - The IMRA Trooperstown Winter race was held on the 17th of February.

The final results will be put up during the week as there was no laptop operator at the finish.

The overall winners were:
1. Kevin English 43.00 Kate Cronin 48.18
2. Barry Conlon 43.24 Karen O'Hanlon 53.56
3. Peter O'Farrell 43.25 Becky Quinn 56.24
Over 40
Bernard Fortune Rachel Burgess

Over 50
Ben Mooney Mary Collins

Over 60
Joe Lalor

Over 70
Mick Kellett

Isaac Coleman

The race photos have been broken up into galleries covering different sections of the race in chronological order:

1. Prerace warm up and first encounter with the photographers here.
2. Second section here.
3. Third section to finish here.

We took around 800 shots on Sunday so if don't see yourself in one of the galleries or there's a shot with you half hidden behind someone else mail us with the file name and we'll see what other shots we have.

IMRA Trooperstown