Urban Trail Series- Race 3, April 2013

Updated on Feb. 24th, 2013

20th April2013 - The Urban Trail Series race 3, April 2013

The third race of the 2013 Urban trail series was held in Tymon Park, Co. Dublin on Saturday 20rd April over a 4.75km course on forest trails and open parkland with one or two lap options..

There was a large turn out of 400 for the 4.75 and 9.5KM races which wound around the park following an interesting and varied route crossing the M50 twice,taking in places most didn't know existed and general consensus was that it was an other very enjoyable race.

The race photos have been broken up into galleries covering different sections of the race in chronological order:

Camera 2
1. Gallery 1 here.
2. Gallery 2 here.
3. Gallery 3 here.
4. Gallery 4 here.
Camera 1
5. Gallery 5 here.
6. Gallery 6 here.
7. Gallery 7 here.
8. Gallery 8 here.
9. Gallery 9 here.
10. Gallery 10 here.

We took around 2,100 shots on Saturday so if don't see yourself in one of the galleries or there's a shot with you half hidden behind someone else mail us with the file name and we'll see what other shots we have.

 Urban Trail Series race 3, 2013