The RAID Adventure Race, Oct.2011

Updated on 01th Nov. 2011

29th/30th Oct 2011 - The RAID Adventure Race 2011 was held in Sperrin Mountains over Saturday and Sunday 29th &30th of Oct. 2011.
12 teams of four took part in the race which moved norht fomrthe Mourne/Cooley mountians for 2011.

The race photos have been broken up into galleries covering different sections of the race in chronological order:

1. Pre race breifing and waiting for the boats here.
2. Kayaking from start to CP1 here.
3. Orienteering Portglenone Forrest here.
4. High Ropes section, Part 1 here.
5. High Ropes section, Part 2 here.
6. Foot section Trikane, TA3 and TA4 ropes here.
7. Night Kayak and Night O TA6 here.
8. The Finish here.

Course map