The 2nd Run-a-Muck challenge Oct.2010

Updated on Oct. 17th, 2010

16th Oct. 2010 - The 2nd Run-a-muck challenge was held in the grounds of Clonkeeran House, near Johnstown Bridge, Co Kildare. The Runamuck Challenge is a cross country running event over a wet and mucky course with various man made and natural obstacles including bale "jumps", net scrambles, tarzan swings, rope bridges, ditches, streams, tyres and tunnels designed to test both mental and physical strength."
The race photos have been broken up into galleries covering different sections of the race in chronological order:

1. The Pre-race/start area here.
2. Rope bridge and 1st water obstacle here.
3. First water obstacle, Stream and 2nd water obstacle here.
4. First stream, water obstacle and rope bridge sections here.
5. First water obstacle and swing sections here.
6. First stream, 2nd & 3rd water obstacles to the open fields section here.
7. First crawl net, muddy trench and bale obstacle here.
8. Last two water obstacles and wooded section here.
9. Last net obstacle and prize giving here.

We took around 3,000 shots on Saturday so if don't see yourself in one of the galleries or there's a shot with you half hidden behind someone else mail us with the file name and we'll see what other shots we have.