The Achill Roar Adventure Race 2010

Updated on May 22, 2010

22th May 2010 The Second Achill ROAR Adventure Race took place on Saturday 11th of September with 700 competitors taking part in the sport and expert races. These included an open water swim or Kayak, mountain run and road cycle all on and around Achill Island, Co. Mayo. The weather was a major factor in the outcome of the races with high wind, showers and sunshine alternating through the day.

The above race images have been broken into galleries coving the main sections of the race :

1. Start area & Expert wave 1 in the water - Kayaks & Swimmers here.
2. Expert race wave 2 in the water - Kayaks & Swimmers here.

3. Expert race run from the aerials to the summit here.
4. Expert race run, the summit and west side of mountian here.
5. Expert race run, Summit back down to the aerials here.

6. Expert race Cycle, Main road (anti clockwise)to Ashlean Bay controll Point here.
7. Expert race Cycle, Ashlean Bay controll Point (anti clockwise) to south end of island here.
8. Expert race Cycle, South end of island Back to Finish (clockwise). here.
9. Expert race Cycle, Finish area and Prize giving here.

10. Sports race starting run here.

We took around 2,500 shots on Saturday for the expert race amd a few of the start of the sports race, so if don't see yourself in one of the galleries or there's a shot with you half hidden behind someone else mail us with the file name, (on the bottom left of each image), and we'll see what other shots we have.