Although primarily known for his work in the area of adventure sports photography, John Shiels has a broad range of photographic skills and experience which he can bring to any project. Many years photographing mountain running, surfing and adventure racing has given him an eye for the unexpected and an ability to react quickly to changing situations. This allows him to extract the best from the many and varied moods of the Irish weather and how use it to best effect with a wide variety of subjects and situations.

Action Photography can therefore meet all your non sporting photographic needs with a range of services for both business and private clients including:

    Aerial photography
Action Photography can now offer a cost effective solution for obtaining aerial images. By using a remotely controlled flying camera platform we can place a camera in the air above your project at a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional helicopter.

The DraganFlyer X6 uses built in GPS and three electric motors to fly and hover almost silently while the camera operator directs the camera via a wireless video link. This makes it ideal for use in urban areas where noise pollution can be an issue.

Architect and Engineers wishing to carry out condition surveys and inspections will find the DraganFlyer X6 idea for gaining access to elevated and hard to access locations. As it can also operate over water it is ideal for capturing unique images of your project. For golf clubs it offers the option of aerial shots of the greens and fairways. For the private client, a unique view of your property.

While the DraganFlyer can fly in most weather conditions we recommend waiting for clear skies for optimum images quality. On the morning we took the DraganFlyer X6 for a test flight low mist and near freezing air temperatures meant that it was not an ideal day for photography. However the images below give a good idea of the capabilities and versatility of the unit and demonstrate its ability to put a camera into hard to access locations.

The camera is due to be upgraded to a 'four thirds' model in March 2010. This will further enhance the versatility of the platform and increase the image quality obtainable. There is also the option of mounting a HD video camera on the DraganFlyer.

Click on the images below to see larger shots of the DraganFlyer X6 in action.